Extramarks Educational Software

'Extramarks Smart Class' transforms traditional classrooms into futuristic ones.

Extramarks Smart Class

'Extramarks Smart Class' transforms traditional classrooms into futuristic technology-enabled learning environment.

Classroom Tablet Program

Extramarks tablets along with technology enabled Extramarks Smart Class Devices - Whiteboard, transform the traditional classrooms into more efficient & collaborative learning environment, where teachers and learners engage with each other in real time, to achieve the most effective learning outcome.

Assessment Centre

Based on layered, hierarchical and structured pedagogy, scientifically designed Assessment Centre that transforms the assessment scenario in schools with it's easy to implement, attempt and report functionalities significantly reducing paper correction and reporting efforts.

School Management System

A User-friendly platform that automates and brings effective standardization and efficiency in school operations. Significantly reduces paper trials, saves time and improves communication amongst different stake holders.