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360 Degree Approach

Learn Practise & Test - completing the full cycle of learning

Extramarks believes in educating their students with the best and simple process of teaching. Extramarks follows 3 simple steps to teach students. First, comprehensive concepts through various multimedia platforms. Second, Practice through several interactive exercises and Third, taking online tests.



Comprehensive explanation of concepts through various platform of multimedia.



Practice the concepts through several interactive exercises.



Take multiple online tests to evaluate yourself.

We make your learning more effective and engaging

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Why Extramarks?

We give you flexibility to study at your own convenience at any given time, at any place maintaining the continuity of concepts from school to home.

Vast Library

Huge repository of engaging animations and question banks.


Track your progress through the curriculum with the 'Progress' feature.


Invite a 'mentor' to monitor and supervise your performance anytime.


Organise and schedule your study plans with 'Scheduler'.

What people have to say about us...

  • I am finding learning much easier now, because we are able to use animations to understand things that were difficult in books and now I am positive that our pass rate will increase because learning is more exciting with Extramarks tablets

  • "I noticed that my children were responding better to technology, which pushed me to implement the project. Now I am planning to gradually introduce Smart Classrooms in all the grades at our school. Our pupils will be on the same technological level as other kids around the world."

  • I loved the new way of learning! Pupil in other grades were looking forward to switching to paperless learning. Earlier our laboratory had no resources but with the new smart classroom, all we need to conduct experiment was a click away. It is such an advantage because we don't have to carry heavy bags any more.

  • Bagless learning system makes it easier to remember things because it makes use of animations that help to explain and elaborate certain concept. The sound also gives it a more exciting feel and keeps me alert during the class. I love it! I can access everything that was covered in class. If i cannot make it to school even then I can engage with my teacher instantly.