Engaging, child-centric, teaching-learning environment focused on overall development of the child

Extramarks is a new-age digital learning solutions company that provides the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home. It offers 360o education support to learners and teachers of grades R-12 through CAPS-aligned digital learning solutions. These learning solutions are used by schools for day-to-day classroom teaching and the learners use them at home after school hours in self-learning mode. Keeping pace with today’s globalization and technological changes in education, Extramarks empowers young learners to step in with the latest technology and have anytime-anywhere access to quality learning. Globally, Extramarks has become extremely popular with more than 7,500 schools and 9.1 million learners adopting its digital learning solutions.

Extramarks South Africa is a 100% subsidiary of Extramarks Singapore, which has a global presence in India and the Middle East. A team of more than 1,800 professionals having vast experience in their respective fields have joined hands to develop and deliver digital learning solutions comprising of structured pedagogical approach- 'Learn', 'Practice' and 'Test'. The multimedia modules have earned prestigious awards and involve distinct pedagogy for junior and senior learners. While Extramarks adopts thematic, game-based and story-based pedagogy for junior kids, it uses layered, hierarchical, application-based methodology for senior learners.

Extramarks’ digital learning solutions empower the teachers by providing them world-class tools and pedagogy to teach and engage the learners effectively, and bringing them at par with the best global education practices.