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Extramarks ‘Career Assessment Programme’ or CAP is an online career guidance programme, specifically developed for students studying in grades 9 to 12. It is a comprehensive, scientific and result-oriented programme, which helps grade 10 students decide the right stream for grade 11, as well as guide grade 12 students in their choice of course and career.

It has been agreed and accepted that if the career choice of an individual matches his/her personality type, the opportunities, performance and chances of future-success increase substantially. If the interest and passion of the individual is also taken into account, then sky is the limit for his/her professional success. CAP test aims to help students achieve this level of excellence.

The online test has been designed to be attempted from the comfort of home or school. It helps students identify the best possible academic/career path mapped to their personality and abilities. There is a detailed Report at the end of the test, which lists the strengths and improvement areas of the student. This Report is free of technical jargon and provides a comprehensive insight into a student’s psyche.

The online test assists students in not just identifying, but also prioritizing career choices. This is done on the basis of exhaustive research on career trends, patterns and predictions, and industry specific insights.

While parents struggle to keep pace with latest information and trends in careers and courses, students have their own set of issues. Faced with an unprecedented scale of career choices, confusion and frustration is high among them. Extramarks CAP strives to allay these fears, frustrations and confusions, so a student can identify his own path in life and move on confidently towards success and happiness!

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CAP Features

The most comprehensive online guidance program for the students from grades 9 to 12 to select a fitting course and career

Personality Assessment
  • Personality plays an important role in choosing a fitting career.
  • This test measures the natural behaviour of students in different situations.
Aptitude Measurement
  • Aptitude
  • Refers to the inherent qualities you possess.
  • This test measures your natural ability to perform various types of tasks.
Career Preference Test
  • Select careers of your choice from an extensive range of career fields.
  • 200 career fields to choose from.
Report Card: Detail Analysis and Mapping

A thorough analysis is done to map your interest to your personality and aptitude. As a result you get to know:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Ingrained qualities that you possess
  • Suitable career fields for you

Note: Students with distinct profiles and learning gaps are identified by analyzing their interests, aptitude and academic scores. The analysis helps students to create their own learning path with suitable learning style.


Psychometric test is a standard and scientific method used to measure ability, skills and personality traits of any individual. The extent and type of these tests vary according to the requirement of the organization or the individual.

Our tests are designed to assess personality, aptitude and career preferences, which help the students to choose the right career path. These tests are commonly made up of a series of questions with scores attached to each answer that are added up to provide an overall score.

Psychometric tests have been finding wide applications across the globe. People and organizations in USA, UK etc., are employing these tests to measure and comprehend various aspects of a person's personality. They are also being used by many institutions and universities to predict personality traits of individuals describing his/her abilities, interests and skills. It is this analysis of interests, abilities and traits which helps ascertain the right career path for an individual.

Extramarks’ psychometric tests are based on updated and deep research, matched to international standards and best practices. These tests have been designed by experts backed by years of experience and training in this field. Also, over the years, our tests have been proactively revised based on the direct feedback of their end users – the students themselves. Our tests have been conducted across many cities across India. The testing process enables identification of unique qualities of individuals, as well as address their fears and concerns. These are standardized tests, and are psychologically and technically reliable and valid.
Psychometric tests help students recognize their strengths and weakness, along with providing a deep insight into their skills, abilities and aptitudes. Such insights are of critical value when a student is selecting his/her career or course for higher students.
The test results guide students and parents towards choosing the right career, while taking into account their aspirations, family values and individual abilities. A cohesive, collective and informed decision on careers can be made based upon the result of this test.

Psychometric tests have multiple applications at schools. Teachers can use these results to check how good a student is at a particular task or subject. They can gain a scientific insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their students, thus helping evolve a study plan which specifically addresses these. The test also helps identify psychological, emotional and behavioral patterns in students, along with learning difficulties among them.

In case of a competitive placement environment, the advanced assessment tools and techniques can be employed to target opportunities for students based on their talent and interests.

After completion of the test, every student gets a detailed and a comprehensive report in the form of graphical representation. Attributes are mapped on y-axis and stanine** scores on x-axis, ranging from 0-9, where 0-3 describes below average attributes, 4-6 describes average attributes and 7-9 depicts above average attributes. This way it provides a valuable insight into one's personality, identifies the dominant characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, likes, dislikes and helps explore various career interests and hidden abilities. The report, however, should be taken only as an indicator while deciding the career path in life.

**Stanine: It is a method of scaling test scores on a nine-point standard scale. It ranges from one through nine that shows the placement of a student's overall characteristics on a standardized test.

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