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  • CAP Test

  • 1000(INR)
  • (In Demand)
    CAP Test + Telecounseling
  • 1700(INR)
  • CAP Test + Face
    to face

  • 2500(INR)

  • Tele Counseling

  • 800(INR)
  • Face-to-face Counseling

  • 1500(INR)

CAP Test: In this package, students take the CAP Test and get the personalized report.

CAP Test+ Tele Counseling: Apart from the CAP Test and personalized report, students can talk to expert counselors over telephone and get their queries resolved instantly.

CAP Test + Face to face Counseling: After taking the CAP test and receiving the report, this package allows student and parents to interact with expert counselors in person for better understanding of results and discuss more about the best suited career fields.

Tele Counseling: This package allows students to discuss with expert counselors about career related issues over telephone without the need of taking the CAP Test.

Face to face Counseling: In this package, student and parents interact with our experts in person and can get their career related queries resolved without the need of taking the CAP Test.