Learn - Practice - Test

To make the learning process wholesome and holistic, Extramarks follows the unique pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test.

Concepts are explained to you in great detail using our rich media-based learning modules.

You can practice the learnt concepts through a variety of tools and services like MCQs.

Finally, all your knowledge and comprehension is checked through adaptive tests with progressive difficulty levels, and National Level Weekly Tests to create an upward learning graph!

The Power of Total Learning

Experience the power of total learning with our learning solutions. We work on the tested pedagogy of
learn-practice-test that encourages learners to achieve holistic learning.

What's Unique with Extramarks?


Build multiple profiles and enrich your learning based on your chosen course and institute.

Mapped Learning

360-degree learning experience synchronized with your syllabus

Media Rich
Engaging Content

Dive into a media rich world of learning, with 2D and 3D animaitons.

Practice Till

Subject wise question banks with varying diffculty levels papers.

Test to Get
Exam Ready

Attempt a wide range of tests, like Trending Test, Mock Tests, Weekly Tests. You can also create a custom test!

Insights, Summary,

Meticulous performance tracking to create progress reports and get recommendations on topics to focus.

Extramarks Highlights

Adaptive Learning

Learning with Extramarks is dynamic, Interactive and responsive to unique learning needs of each child.


Student can access intelligence backed progress reports which identify learning gaps and areas of strength to help plan study in an informed manner.


‘Mentor’ feature in Extramarks Allows a student to choose a Parent, friend, a teacher, a Subject matter expert or even A peer as a guide to help him/ Her through the academic Journey.


‘Notes’ feature in Extramarks Allows a student to highlight The key ideas instantly while Learning new lessons.


‘Scheduler’ feature in Extramarks Is an effective tool that helps a Student set a time table for Covering the e-course.


‘Group’ feature in Extramarks enables a learner to study collaboratively with friends and mentors online

Personalised Recommendations through Analytics and Reports

Extramarks creates extensive intelligence backed reports to help you identify your gap and strength areas. Learn from us which subjects, chapters and topics need attention and pursue your studies in an informed manner.

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