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ML Moropa

Greenwood College -


My experience of teaching and learning with Extramarks solutions is great. It contains pre-planned lessons in the form of digital modules, so I do not have to spend time to prepare my class work. I like the fact that I am able to save all my teaching work in the system. Very informative. Great to use!

Moloko Matsapola

Dendron Secondary School - Limpopo


"I noticed that my children were responding better to technology, which pushed me to implement the project. Now I am planning to gradually introduce Smart Classrooms in all the grades at our school. Our pupils will be on the same technological level as other kids around the world."

Mohau Morudu

Dendron Secondary School - Limpopo


I am finding learning much easier now, because we are able to use animations to understand things that were difficult in books and now I am positive that our pass rate will increase because learning is more exciting with Extramarks tablets